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The Blues really reached out and grabbed me by the throat when I first heard the Johnny Winter album “Nothin' But the Blues”, featuring Muddy Waters and his band. I had dreamed about playing with my musical heroes. Over time, my dreams have come true. It has been my honor to have shared a stage with or be mentored by Blues greats like Chicago Blues Hall of Famers Billy Flynn, Martin Lang, and Paul Filipowicz, as well as West Side Chicago’s Rockin’ Johnny Burgin, Madison's Bill Roberts and former Muddy Waters guitarists John Primer & Rick Kreher and Blues vocalists Queenie McCarter and Oscar Wilson, just to name a few!

A rock solid foundation in traditional Blues creates an exciting springboard for the soaring sonic excursions and infectious grooves that bring people to their feet at my shows. Connecting with the crowd is a priority, and my ability to read the room makes each gig truly personalized to that audience.

When YOU get the Blues, Bobby D has the Remedy!

Bobby D and the Remedy

Solo or Duet act

Blues guitar for hire





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